Members of the Horde

 Since a horde is a group of people, and a hoard is a collection of goodies... here's my hoard of members of my horde.

This is the Hedgehog. We've been together since November 26th 2010, and we've been living together since May 2011. He's great, pretty much perfect in every single way imaginable... Honestly, not lying. He's adorable and funny, a huge anime and gamer nerd like I am, has awesome taste in music, knows how to cook, and talks about tacos for no reason at all.

This is the Terror, the Hedgehog's niece by his older sister. She's five and as such is a brat and an absolute, well... Terror. She questions everything repeatedly often, assaults the dog for no reason at all, throws tantrums I've only seen teenagers do... But she's my little chick pea. She's so cute I can't help but love her. I can't help it! Even when she's driving me nuts!

This is Spawn, the Terror's older brother. He's a monkey boy who loves video games and plays sports. He's pretty much everything you would expect from a boy his age... He intentionally insults and picks on his sister, gets her riled up and acting crazy, talks constantly about butts and poop, disrespects authority, makes fun of people... but he also actually plays with her, even if it's jumping off couches and wrestling. He's a pretty cool kid, so long as you're talking about games.

On the far left is the Hedgehog's mom, she's pretty cool for a mom, in the middle is his little sister, she's loud, and on the end is his older sister, the mother of the Spawn and Terror... She needs to pay me more.

This is Hunny, my adorable little sister (but not through blood). She and her family have been there for me when my dad's Girl-Fiend made home a place I couldn't live. They took me in and helped me, like I was one of their own. I owe them a lot, they helped me graduate high school, get into college, and even to move in the the Hedgehog. I loves her an awful lot. She's acted as an emotional crutch when I needed it, even when it meant walking seven miles to her house at 2am.

The one on the left is Jessie, my little sister who's more like my big sister (again, not through blood). We've been best friends since we were in middle school, and she's been there for me through everything. From my mom getting sick all the way up to when I got kicked out of the Home, I've been able to count on her for everything. She's sassy and kind of badass, and looks after me like her little sister. And why wouldn't she? She's married and has experienced more of a regular life than me. I went through a lot, but I'm no where near as grown-up as she is On the right is James, he's Jessie's husband... Together they are Jessie and James... *cough* He's a lot like my Hedgehog, only without the ability to defuse anger by talking about tacos.

This is Lulu, the last of my friends who have been there enough for me to become sisters. She's great... It's hard to describe her in any words... She's kind of hyper and calm and cuddly and sweet, and one time I got too close to her face one Halloween and she kissed me right on the lips for no reason at all. She likes to troll people online, though she doesn't look the type, and she always replies, "Kitness..." when I do something silly...

This is the Blonde One... She has a whole post devoted to her because it's that hard to describe why she's called the Blonde One... However, she's into web design and is book smart, just not common sense smart. She's awesome though.

This is Emmers. She guest-starred in my Halloween post, based on true events. She's an amazing artist and is all around the hugest anime nerd you'll ever meet. She's super fun to hang out with and hilarious and random and silly. The first time I stayed over at her house we had a beanie baby fight. She's infamous for announcing, "So, who do we ice next?" the moment her parents left the room at her birthday party.

This is Mir-Mir. She's... a red-head. She's so sarcastic and can say things with such a straight face it's hard to tell when she's joking. I miss hanging out with her and Emmers, but they've both been my friends since middle school. Mir-Mir here was practically the leader of our little group back in the day. She's pretty funny when you get used to her sense of dry humor and learn to tell the difference between dead serious and mildly sarcastic.

This is the Alien. I named him this not for his looks, but for his laptop... which is an alien. He's a well-meaning and overly nice guy. I mean, forcefully nice guy... Like, all up in your face with his niceness, shoving it on you against your will.

This is Tiffy, who is spiffy. She is awesome, that's all you need to know about her.


  1. I love how most of the Horde wear glasses ^_^

  2. ^o^ I know, you should see the family pic I have of us sisters... All standing there in our glasses. There's a version with the Hedgehog, Terror, and Spawn added into it in the FAQ.