Friday, December 2, 2011

Super Late Post

Alright, so a few posts back,  on mine and the Hedgehog’s anniversary, I mentioned that the Alien was coming over. Well, when he showed up that day, we opened the door to this:
That is a box full of turkey and a bag of corn, stuffing, pumpkin muffins, brownies, gravy, and potatoes au gratin. After I put up all of the food, I sat and worked on a blog post while the Alien and my Hedgehog played Yu-Gi-Oh and nerded all over each other.

The Alien told us about how on Skyrim this dragon kept trolling him… flying up behind him and breathing fire on him, then flying away when he turned around to fight it.
Then we went to Wal-Mart and Game Stop and Wal-Mart again, trolling everything in our paths.
While we were in the store, someone put a Domino’s sticker on the driver’s side door of the Alien’s truck. We thought it would be funny  to  leave it, and according to the Alien… it’s still there…

Then we went to Taco Bell and the Alien got the new triple stack steak thing…
What I was expecting... What he got.
Seriously, it came out super huge and wrapped in tin foil, with real steak... dripping cheese.

It was actually a day too hilarious and awesome for words.

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  1. I finally killed that dragon, too!